• CAPRICORNIA: Agnew, Busoni, Carter (Digital Download Album) | Nicholas Young
 "A stunning collection" - Fine Music Magazine, 2015

 "Commanding performance" - Limelight Magazine, 2015 


In his debut CD release, Australian pianist Nicholas Young immerses himself in the mystical and restless sound-world of the early 20th century, when the last vestiges of Romantic fantasy mixed freely with the frenetic pace, anxiety and nostalgia of the Modern age.

Paying homage to the rich cultural heritage of his home country, Nicholas begins with works by the Australian composer Roy Agnew, whose music is only recently enjoying a revival. Sonata Legend: Capricornia and Fantasie Sonata are both single-movement sonatas that, while concise, are filled with shimmering colours and dramatic shifts of mood, revealing the strong influence of Scriabin.

The recording follows with the music of composer Ferruccio Busoni, whose superstar status as a pianist and dual German-Italian background hindered his recognition as a composer during the years of the World Wars and Great Depression. The hypnotic undulations of the Berceuse are contrasted by the technical brilliance of the Toccata, while the Ten Variations on a Prelude of Chopin reveal Busoni’s vivid compositional imagination.

To conclude, Nicholas gives a vibrant interpretation of the Piano Sonata by the master of American modernism, Elliott Carter, still in his formative, neoclassical years at the time of the work’s composition. The two movements capture the essence of Carter’s early style, with a fluid, jazz-like approach to rhythm and syncopation and a masterly control of contrapuntal and fugal technique. 

CD Info
Included File Formats WAV (44.1kHz), MP3 (256kbps), PDF (Liner Notes)
Performers Nicholas Young, piano
[1] ROY AGNEW Sonata Legend: Capricornia (6'07)
[2] ROY AGNEW Fantasie Sonata (10'07)
[3] FERRUCCIO BUSONI Berceuse, BV252 (4'44)
[4] FERRUCCIO BUSONI Toccata (Preludio - Fantasia - Ciaccona), BV287 (10'05)
[5] FERRUCCIO BUSONI Ten Variations on a Prelude of Chopin, BV213a (13'13)
[6] ELLIOTT CARTER Piano Sonata: I. Maestoso (11'04)
[7] ELLIOTT CARTER Piano Sonata: II. Andante (14'30)

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CAPRICORNIA: Agnew, Busoni, Carter (Digital Download Album) | Nicholas Young

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