Terms & Conditions


By purchasing item(s) from Scintillations Music, you are granted permission to personally use and enjoy this item. However, you may not duplicate or distribute this item to others, whether in partial, whole or modified form, and we reserve the right to report, block and/or prosecute purchasers who do so.


Digital, downloaded products are licensed exclusively to the purchaser for his/her private use without alteration, modification or redistribution. This license may not be transferred to any other person, and may not be used for any commercial purpose or activity other than by the licensor (Scintillations Music). If you would like to give a downloadable product as a gift to another person, please use our gift voucher form.


The unauthorised duplication and public use of CDs, Music Scores and other physical publications purchased from Scintillations Music for live performance or any other commercial activity is strictly forbidden. Please contact Scintillations Music for all enquiries relating to authorised licensing.


Ticket reservations may be transferred to another person through explicit request in writing by email up to 72 hours before the the scheduled time and date of an event. You may also cancel reservations up to 24 hours after your order was made.

If you choose to pay for your reservation through bank transfer or cheque/money order, payment must be received by Scintillations Music at least 72 hours before the event's start date and time. After this, you will lose your seat booking. You may cancel your reservation at any time if you have not yet sent your payment.

If more than one reservation has been checked out for an identical seat, priority will be given to the first order that completed checkout and confirmed order. We will then assign the second, later order to the nearest alternative seat of the same price, about which you will be notified by email. If your booking is affected in this way and you subsequently wish to change to another seat or withdraw your reservation, we will gladly assist in changing your booking or cancelling with complete refund.

We reserve the right to request proof of ID for concession bookings.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding these terms and conditions of use, contact us and we will be happy to speak with you.